Aceitex exportadora de Aceite de Oliva Oro Virgen: Picual variety Recuérdame: Royal / Picual variety
Oleo Cazorla: Royal / Picual variety
D.O. Sierra de Cazorla
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We are a family company of olive cultivation with a long tradition, dedicated to the production, packaging and selling of olive oils of the highest quality, giving special attention to the process of harvest and packaging of Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

The innovation and commitment with the consumer has been and it is our main goal and our daily duty. We always offer our clients the best service and work, materializing in a good Mediterranean diet that has as its cradle the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We are located in the heart of the Sierra de Cazorla, center of the largest olive oil producing area in the world, in a natural space, with a great biological wealth where it is acquired the highest quality oils and at the entrance of the second largest natural reserve of Europe: Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas.

Latest awards

Black Label

‘Degusta Jaén’

Eco label

‘Degusta Jaén’


Concours International des Huiles du Monde


Gold Medal

Athena IOOC 2022

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from a 1920 family business experts, pioneer in the exportation and oil manufacturing.