Packaging Plant

Pure Extra Virgin Olive Juice from the tree to your house

Storage and Conservation

The olive oil is stored in different inert stainless steel tanks classified by qualities and varieties through tastings by an expert since what we are looking for is the protection of the dietetic nutritional characteristics of this fruit and that the olive oil reaches the final consumer in optimal conditions. For that reason, the first thing we do is to make the olive oil decant naturally for 10 days. The purpose of decanting is to remove most of the solid waste after grinding and before storage in the cellar at an ambient temperature of 20º.

Preserving vitamins A, D, E and K

In this phase, it will experience favorable changes once it loses part of the bitter aromas while it increases nuances and sweet and pleasant sensations. Subsequently, we move to its filtering to eliminate remaining impurities and humidity. After being filtered and cleaned, it will be stored in tanks, and then it will be in excellent conditions for their subsequent packaging and arrival in the market in perfect conditions of consumption without losing vitamins A, D, E and K nor its properties.

It is advisable to use opaque packages that do not let the light pass in order not to alter the excellences that the oil inside hides since it is a factor that affects the olive oil quality after the extraction process. During storage, there are environmental factors such as exposure to high temperatures, light and contact with oxygen that influences the oxidation process.


Vocation for EXPORT

Innovation and Commitment

Innovation and commitment to the consumer is our greatest goal and it has been our daily duty.

We seek the pleasure, health and well-being of our loyal customers. We are born from the beginning with a pure vocation for EXPORT.          

We are a family company of producers and sellers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in accordance with in union with our harvesters, located in the Sierra de Cazorla.

“Jienenses” located in the Sierra de Cazorla – Olive oil family heritage since 1920 when we decided to launch our own brands worldwide, through a good training (master in olive growing). Prestige and many years of work and effort resulted on this premium olive oil.


Our Best Values are:

  • Innovation;
  • Tradition;
  • Culture;
  • Family;
  • Environment;
  • Responsibility;
  • Commitment.