Virgin Olive Oil

La Casería de Santa Julia

THE OLIVE OIL «LA CASERÍA DE SANTA JULIA» is a balanced oil since being from a mountain region, it uses to be sweeter, presenting a soft green fruity with notes of leaf, tomato and fig tree, bitter and spicy in a soft intensity at the end that are combined in a way balanced


It has a high level of natural antioxidants (vitamin E and phenolic carotenoid compounds and oleic acid that make it especially beneficial for health).


Suitable for use in salads, fried foods, macerated meat and meat from hunting, fried potatoes, breaded and battered, slow stews, canned raw or cooked food (cheese, pork …).

Virgin Olive Oil – Picual Variety: 500 ML Pet

Virgin Olive Oil – Picual Variety: 1 L Pet

Virgin Olive Oil – Picual Variety: 2 L Pet

Virgin Olive Oil – Picual Variety:  750 ML Pet

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